Mission Statement

The mission of the Hobart Chamber of Commerce is to create opportunities for networking, partnerships, and relationships for businesses serving the community of Hobart.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber of Commerce is the business community working together. A central agency that corrals the forces of the community for improvement and development in business, industry, and the professions. Together, the chamber does what no person or group can accomplish alone.

What does it do?

The Chamber's task is community development. This includes development of industry and trade, handling of civic activities, and public relations for the community. The variety and scope of activities is unlimited.
Why your community needs one

As the "front door" of the community, the Chamber welcomes newcomers, visitors, and all others making inquiry of the community. It maintains a library of general information, directories, reports, maps, tourist and travel folders, community functions and events.

The chamber is supported on a voluntary membership basis. Business, industry, and the professions are represented. Membership consists of those who have a desire to create a better community and business climate.

Constitution and by-laws are governed by a president, president-elect, treasurer, ex-officio, vice presidents and board members.